In US$1.2M Bribery Exposure: Whistle-blower Says His Life Is Threatened, Seeks Refuge

Mr. Philipbert Brown, Hot Pepper Newspapr

Philipbert Browne, Publisher of the Hot Pepper Newspaper, and the man who in recent times has uncovered lead stories in the Liberian corruption outbreak in government including the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars which findings is yet to be disclosed, and the alleged bribery involving some lawmakers is said to be in hidden for fear of his life.

Recently some  Lawmakers who were accused of receiving a bribe of US$1.2 Million to authorize the printing of L$10 billion and have filed a lawsuit against the publisher, according to Mr. Browne, armed men are said to be on the hunt for him, a situation that has compelled him to leave the city for an unknown location.

Speaking on a local radio station today via mobile phone, Mr. Browne said over the past weeks strange men have been spotted around his offices in central Monrovia and his residence in the suburb of Paynesville hunting for him, and wondered as why armed men should visit his residence and offices.

Speaker further, the Hot Pepper Publisher maintained that he can prove his case ‘110%’, and  beyond all reasonable doubt that the lawmakers were bribed US$2,200,000 to give the Central Bank authority to print L$10 billion.

Mr. Browne speaking to the GNN said after it was reported that he was been sued  by the lawmakers at the Civil Law Court, and ordering his arrest, he contacted his team of lawyers who proceeded to several insurance companies to secure a US$3,000 insurance bond, with many of them vowing not to do so due to some political pressure.

He further alleged that the Judge of the Court, Judge Youssif Kaba should have signed the Insurance Bond to make it legal refused to do so, on ground that the case in question is political.

Before going on its annual break, the 54th Legislature commenced an investigation into the circumstances under which extra L$10 billion was printed by the Central Bank when the 53rd Legislature only authorized the printing of L$6 billion for the replacement of mutilated banknotes.

It’s Mr. Browne’s Hot Pepper Newspaper that first reported the missing billions saga, prompting a nationwide reaction and call for investigation by the international community.

He said he welcomes the lawsuit and is prepared to go to court, but cautioned the lawmakers of what he described as “their cynical plan”.

The Hot Pepper publisher said he could not meet the Legislature at the time because he had a doctor’s appointment in London.

He also had to attend the General Assembly of ANOC and ANOCA.

However, according to him, he shortened his travel and returned to the country on Sunday, December 2, 2018 and has since been at his residence, having no intention of leaving the country soon.

He is of the belief that the lawmakers’ decision to serve him a writ for Action For Wrong with attachment on a Friday evening was only intended to have him placed behind bars since he would not have been able to secure a bond at that time.

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