In U.S: Young Liberian bags double Masters from Devry University…serve as valedictorian

By Eldred Thomas | GNN Senior Reporter |

Mr. Flomo Giovinni Kezele

A Young Liberian residing in the United States, Flomo Giovinni Kezele has earned doubled Masters from the Keller Graduate School of Management at Devry University.

Mr. Kezele is amongst scores of blacks who formed part of the Devry University 2020 graduating class on July 19, 2020 when he earned himself MBA in Finance & MPA in Public Administration.

Serving as Valedictorian of the 2020 graduating class, Kezele mounted the podium and challenged his fellow graduates to be agents of transformation as they walked out of the walls of the prestigious Devry University.

Kezele, the first Liberian to receive double awards from Devry University told the graduates and audience that with said education, focus should not primarily be on financial gains, but to positively impact society to ensure equality of the world.

“We must not just focus on obtaining a good pay job, but to help the transformation by setting the stage to change the development trajectory of our environment, respective nations and the world at large.

Kezele who also earned his Bachelor Degree from African Methodist Episcopal Zion University in Criminal Justice Administration in Liberia, admonished his fellow graduates to see the true meaning and essence of their achievements, degrees and diplomats as instrument of transformation globally, stressing their contributions must reflect such meaning.

He recounted the special grace of God, his willingness, perseverance consistency and dedication and honesty as well as support from his home country Liberia and abroad for achieving such academic milestone.

Kezele who hailed from Lofa County, one of Liberia fifteen sub political divisions vowed to always raise the flag of his country Liberia in different positive ways with pride and dignity.

He boosted with the high level of preparedness the 2020 class of Devry University was ready to make the institution the pride one it has always been through meaningful contributions with various disciplines and distinction.

“I will always strive and want Liberians everywhere to same to ensure the positive image of our beloved country is portrayed, the Devry 2020 graduate noted in a joyous mood”.

Kezele expressed delight sharing the same resourceful academic history with former football legend and now Liberian President George Weah who also graduated from the Devry University in 2013.

He added such academic achievement has brought so much pride to his person, family and country, Liberia, Africa’s oldest Republic.

Kezele also acknowledged the grace of God, saying it was a blessing and a divine privilege they were able to obtain such academic honor in the midst of global uncertainty with the Corona virus pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives and ravaged the global in many other ways.

The young Liberian thanked the faculty of Devry University and the Keller Graduate School for making them to obtain such high and distinctive academic mark from said reputable institution of higher learning.

” This opportunity is unique and worth not getting as it has made us influential and placed us on the path of transformation through various disciplines we have acquired, Kezele noted”.

Devry University based in the United States offers studies for awarding Associate, Bachelor, and Masters degrees and graduate and undergraduate certificates.

Devry University also offers hands-on undergraduate and graduate programs both online and on campus to meet the needs of diverse student population across the global.

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