In Senatorial By-Elections, Voters Ignore Country’s Financial Constraints, Elect Rep Saah Joseph

Rep Saah Joseph with his supporters and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill

Despite calls from the Country’s voting population regarding the just ended senatorial by-elections to reject those already seated in the House of Representative not to venture in creating another by-elections, due to the nation’s financial constraints, Montserrado County District 13 Representatives, Saah Joseph has been elected as Senator.

Prior to his election as Senator, Representative Joseph’s quest for the senate created a huge criticisms and argument in many quarters in the County, with several eligible voters calling on him to abandon his quest and give others the opportunity to contest since in fact he is the current sitting Representative for                      the County.

While many were pushing forward for the Montserrado County Representative to abandon his quest, the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah who created the vacancy after being elected in 2017 as President of Liberia took up time to extend his support to the senatorial bid of Representative Joseph.

This just ended senatorial by-election for both Montserrado and Bong Counties came about when both Senators George Weah for Montserrado County and Jewel Howard-Taylor for Bong were elected as President and Vice President of Liberia respectively.

During the start of this by­-election, the Country electoral body, the National Elections Commission (NEC) complained of the lack of finance to conduct the election, but however, the Liberian Government reluctantly made available for funding on the backdrop that the Country was broke.

The ascendancy of Representative Joseph as Senator for Montserrado County and Dr. Henrique Tokpa as Senator of Bong County another by-election has been created. The million dollars question now is will there be any funding provided in the next by-election for the successor of Representative Saah Joseph.

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