In Response to Dixon Seebo’s baseless Allegation Dr. George Saigbe Boley, Sr. Issues Statement

Members of the Press:

Dr. George E. Saigbe Boley, Sr. “This blatant lie and reckless allegation by Rep. Seebo was amplified by the FrontPage news organization. I have been a victim of similar lies and those culpable of these criminal acts, including Rep. Dixon Seebo, are walking around peddling more lies”.

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, during Plenary Session in the Chambers of the House of Representatives, the debate on the floor was about the constant use of invectives by Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of District 10, Montserrado County. I was recognized by the Speaker to express my views of the issue being debated. I was addressing the floor when Rep. Dixon Seebo of District 16, Montserrado County, rudely disturbed the session, screaming at the pitch of his voice: “This man killed my family members,” directing his comments at me.

This blatant lie and reckless allegation by Rep. Seebo was amplified by the FrontPage news organization. I have been a victim of similar lies and those culpable of these criminal acts, including Rep. Dixon Seebo, are walking around peddling more lies.

Today, I wish to speak to Rep. Dixon Seebo’s allegation and tantrum of Thursday, March 25, 2021.  I am stating categorically that Rep. Dixon Seebo is a pathological liar with possible mental disorder. There is not an iota of truth to this accusation by Rep. Seebo. Three years ago Rep. Seebo made similar statement and claims. I ignored him then.

To date, Rep. Seebo has not produced a scintilla of evidence regarding this wild allegation. Rep. Dixon Seebo continues to live in a state of illusion, peddling and thriving on gossips, innuendoes, hearsay and outright lies.

Rep. Seebo claims his family members were killed in Sinoe. I was never in Sinoe throughout the entire war years. I was never in New Kru Town in Monrovia, did not kill anybody in Liberia during the war and I did not kill any family member of Rep. Seebo nor did I order or direct anyone to kill any member of Rep. Seebo’s family. Rep. Seebo must present evidence of allegations made or shut up and stop spreading lies and fanning flames of unnecessary hatred of others in Liberia.

We had a tragic conflict in Liberia. I also know and understand that many of our citizens, at home and abroad, do not know what happened here and they have not taken the time or shown the willingness to take time to find out what actually happened in Liberia. There are those of us, many of us, who do not know how or have the capacity to find out what actually happened in Liberia regarding the Liberia war—its genesis, consequences, intended and unintended. They are affected and conflicted by this tragic war in Liberia.

Some, including Rep. Dixon Seebo, as a consequence of the Liberia war may be suffering the effects of what is termed trans-generational traumatic stress disorder. Simply put, these are people who actually never witnessed the things they claim happened. They are readily affected, traumatized by stories, outright lies and disinformation told them by others. They internalized the lies and fabricated stories and are actually affected mentally and physically. Rep. Dixon Seebo is suffering, in my honest opinion, from trans-generational traumatic stress disorder. Rep. Seebo is a peddler of lies, imagining things that never happened, talking about events he did not witness first hand.

Members of the press, many of you know the lies and stories made up by many Liberians who sought asylum, resettlement in the United States and Europe: practically every woman claimed she was gang-raped; people who were not family members—total strangers—made up heart wrenching stories of mistreatment and physical abuse by some tribe or group; some people even reduced their chronological age, changed their dates of birth to become dependents, children of families granted asylum in the United States. Notorious criminals entered the United States on the strength of these fabricated lies and are plying their trade in criminality in the United States and other parts of the world. Regrettably, lying, dishonesty and criminality has become the norm for this generation of Liberians.

Equally, I am not unmindful that many people in Liberia, including some of you in the press, carry grudges, hatred for certain individuals that professionalism, ethics and integrity in your respective careers no longer matter. Some of you are paid agents of powerful foreign organizations and agents bent on keeping you ignorant and wretched in perpetuity. In this condition it is easy to readily use you against yourselves.

Rep. Dixon Seebo’s unfounded allegation is sheer bigotry and cowardice compounded by mental degeneration. Rep. Dixon Seebo’s behavior last Thursday in the Chambers of the House of Representatives was an embarrassment and testimonial of his mental health.

Where was Rep. Seebo during the war? Where is his evidence that I killed members of his family? Members of the press, today, in this pubic manner, I am calling on Rep. Dixon Seebo, I challenge him to produce the evidence which is his reliance for the irresponsible and reckless slur of my character. He can bring me to court now—today and be restored to sanity.

Short of this, Rep. Dixon Wlawlee Seebo will do well to shut up his mouth and stop fanning the flames of hatred and animosity in Liberia.

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