In Pleebo: Man. 38 Sentence To Jail For Raping 11-Year-Old Girl

From E. Varney Kamah | GNN Correspondent | Maryland County|

Daniel Toe, 38, accused of rape

A man identified as Daniel Toe, 38, has been arrested and sent to jail for allegedly raping a 11 years old girl, name withheld in Pleebo, Maryland County, the victim was immediately rushed to the Pleebo Health Center in Maryland County for proper assignation but health authority at the facility disclosed that she was alleged temple with. .

According to our Maryland County Correspondent, the incident took place on Saturday, August 8, 2020, when the parents of the victim reported the alleged rape allegation to the Liberia National Police women and Children protection section.

Narrating the entire story about how she was raped at her resident Thursday, August 13 2020 the victim said, she went to visit her friend who is a relative to the suspect in Zone # 6 Catholic Mission, she said while there this 38 years old Suspect that she has not seen in her life called and asked her friend to prepared some food for him; something which she stressed was done by her friend..

She furthers explained that , after her friend had gone  through the preparation of the food, he  ate, thereafter both of them (She and her friend), decided leave when this 38-year-old man called her into his room  expressing his intent to having a sexual intercourse with her.

The victim explained in the process, she vehemently refused and while try to escape the man’s room she dropped and fell it was at this point, she said she was sexually molested by the 38 years old man, and also disclosed that with all the uproar, the girl further narrated  that the  suspect while in the process placed in her mouth a bed sheet in order for her voice not to be heard.

However, she further told the police that it was her friend who forced the room door open for her release from her captor who also told her to share the information of her sexual harassment to her parents, even though, during preliminary investigation, the suspect denied the allegation when he was arrested quizzed by the police about his alleged involvement in the act.

At the Pleebo Magisterial  Count where he was taken before sending him to prison, the Court following hearing of the case indicated that Suspect Daniel Toe has committed a statutory rape; Claiming that such case is above the trail Jurisdiction of the  Pleebo Magisterial Court and has being transferred to the Fourth Jurisdiction Court in Harper, Maryland County.

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