In Nimba County: Witchcraft Activities On The Increase, As Fear Grasp Citizens

The lady in an attempt to pick up the money is been stuck

Recent report of a woman going crazy after she found a One Hundred Liberian Dollar banknote in the street in Ganta, Nimba County, residents of the city who spoke to the GNN are expressing fear of recent incident, describing it as scaring, and noting that there are increased number of witchcraft activities in the County.

According to GNN Correspondent in Ganta, the woman in question is in her early 40s, and is currently in a deplorable method health situation with some native doctors making all frantic efforts as to how her method health can be restored.

Over the years series of witchcraft activities have been reported in the County, with some individuals massively getting involve with the sole purpose of getting rich to gain wealth for the growth and development of their respective County.

In sampling interview with our Correspondent in the County, the citizens decried their fellow compatriots who are in the constant habit of seeking for wealth through satanic means, questioning their riches.

“Some of our so-called wealthier men and women believe in witchcraft activities, turning their backs on God, our creator; we pray that some of these so-called rich men and women will one day be exposed,” Annie Koukor, a resident of Ganta speaking to our Correspondent stressed.

Few years ago it was widely rumored that many of the young men and women in the County were hugely involved in enriching themselves through witchcraft.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting.

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