In Nimba County Motorcyclists Rally Following Death Of Their Colleagues

From Musa Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County|

In an effort to augment the strength of the late Samuel selleh who was allegedly killed by deputy police commander in Ganta on the 8 of March this year motorcyclist around Nimba County gathered to rally funds aim at transporting the family of their late colleague to Grand Bassa County.

Speaking to the GNN in Ganta City, Nimba County, the Coordinator for the Tricycle Union in Nimba County, Emmanuel A. A.  Sartee, said about 411,000 is expected to be generated for the so purpose of finding transportation for the family, while according to him they were able to generate $60,715 LD plus $20 USD on Saturday October 3,2020.

He said the population of 41,106 inhabitants in Ganta from the 2008 Cencil repoart is their target for generating the money.

Recently the case between the family members of the late SAMUEL SELLEH (Complaint) and Sensee Coure (defendant dis-robed police office) the venue was changed from Sanniquellie 8th Judiciary secrete Court to Grand Bassa County Buchanan City.

It was observed that the lawyers of the defendant Sensee Coure pleaded for the change in venue of the case because of security reasons for their client.

Cllr.  Arthur Johnson Law firm which was hired by Sensee Coure indicated that on the first day of the case they observed that if the case is Adjudicated in Sanniquellie they foresee harm to their client.

Many Nimbains are complaining that they might not receive fair judgment in the case because of the change in venue, they are also saying that the government of Liberia need to give assurance to the family so that their son can be buried but they are not hearing anything about that.

All planned protest by family members, friends, and relatives of the late Samuel Selleh has been postponed base on called by the Solicitor General of the Republic of Liberia Cllr. Syrennius Cephus.

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