In Nimba County: Gbehlay-Geh District Citizens Say They Are Panic Over Discovery Of Strange Objects

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County|

Citizens of District #4 in Nimba County are getting afraid of the continuous dropping of Radiosonde, a battery-powered telemetry instrument carried into the atmosphere usually by a weather balloon that measures various atmospheric parameters and transmits them by radio to a ground receiver in the area, according to our Correspondent.

It can be recorded just one month ago, similar object dropped in Sor-Yoolah in Nimba County, thereby creating fear among citizens of the community as a result of the outbreak of coronavirus which is believed to be spread through objects as well as migration of people from one place to another.

On Tuesday morning August 4th, this object was again discovered by a farmer identify as Albertson Bartuah in Zean old town in Nimba county after he has gone to do some work at his village.

Residents of the area are expressing serious concern about this situation, wondering as to why it must always drop in the community, especially  the falling of this object in Gbehlay-geh district.

Albertson Bartuah the farmer said this situation should claim the attention of the county Administration to investigate where, how and who behind the launching of these objects in Nimba.

It is alleged that Since the first discovery of the object there has been no investigation by the county administration and even the leaders of the county, our investigation continues.

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