In Nimba County: Businessman Expresses Concern over Management of County’s ‘Yellow Machines’

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent In Nimba County |

Mr. Phareze Dehkpah

A local businessman in Ganta, Nimba County is publicly expressing concern over what he called ‘The mismanagement’ of the County’s yellow machine, and further called on the County Legislators, and the authority in the County to turn over such to private entity for proper care and management.

Speaking to the GNN in Ganta, Phareze Dehkpah  who is also the Chairman of the Unity Party (UP) in the County said, the turning over of these yellow machines to a private group that will help in the maintenance of those durable equipment.

Mr. Dehkpah, one of Ganta leading entrepreneur speaking to the GNN said he has over the years how durable equipment had been down for a very period of time, noting that if those machines were given to private entities or individuals they would have been managed properly.

Mr. Pharaze Dehkpah indicated that the county has potential and well-established men and women who could be hired to manage the equipment with proper care, and they would not have been in such deplorable condition as they are today.

He lamented that his call to the county Legislative cuscus is meant to reawaken the oversight responsible of the lawmaker in order to have those 22 yellow machines activated and put into proper working condition for the development of the county especially during this raining season. He believed the county deserves better care in terms of the management aspect of taxpayers’ money as compare to the way things are going.

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