In Nigeria: Fake Pastor Disgraced After Allegedly Being Caught Planting Charm

A popular pastor has been caught for allegedly planting charm on a land in other to get more money and powers to run his church which is called the Word Based Prophetic and Deliverance Ministry in Nigeria.

According to reports ,the head pastor whose name is Rev Paul Abam was caught whiles planting charm in his cousin’s land, in a bid to bleed money.

The pastor was said to have spoken to his cousin about a charm which somebody had place on his land and asked for him to pay money so he could take the charm out of his land for him.

He was however traced and caught redhanded with some fetish pieces of stuff at a shrine in Itigidi after a resident of the community saw him planting the said charm in the land.

The said man of God is known to one who took advantage of his church members and gave false prophecy and sometimes takes money from them in the bid of doing spiritual works for them.

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