In Monterrado County Senatorial By-Elections, Unconfirmed Report Gathers Put Darius Dillon In The Lead, As Candidate Of Ruling Party Drags Behind

Unconfirmed reports being gathered by reporters from several radio stations on the field regarding the outcome of today’s by-election results seem to put one of the senatorial candidates in the race, Darius Dillon of the opposition Liberty Party in the lead.

According to reporters in the field candidates of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Paulita Wie is said to be dragging behind with points at most of the polling places, while at the same time the opposition All Liberia Party Representative candidate,  Telia Urey  is also to be making headway leaving behind his opponent, Abu Kamara of the ruling CDC.

With these unconfirmed reports putting the opposition in the lead seems to be Liberians are expressing their displeasure over the way this government is being run and are therefore using the ballot by rejecting candidates of the ruling party in these elections.

However, these reports being gathered are all unconfirmed, only the National Elections Commission (NEC) is clothe with the authority to announce official result for these ongoing elections.


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