In Margibi County Those Trading In Money Exchange Threaten Mass Protest Against County Authority

BY Godfrey Kolleh Scott: Kakata |

Dozens of those trading in money exchange in Harbel lower Margibi County has have threatened mas protest action against authority of the of the county in demand of  Ten Thousand United States Dollars owed them.

According to the spokesman of the group, Michael Russell the Margibi County authority has reportedly refused to pay the money in question owed his organization since the last national Counties sports meet in April 2018.

Explaining further to our Correspondent, Mr. Russell said the group have organized themselves to carry out a mass demonstration at the entrance of the Nancy B. Doe sports stadium on this Sunday December 16, 2018, the day the National Counties sports meet will start.

Dozens of  those trading in the exchange of money  in the county, according to our reporter  were seen at the  County’s Administrative building in an angry mood in demand of their money they credited the county Authorities during the past counties sports meet.

It is believed that Margibi Sports Association leadership (MSA) through the approval of the county superintendent in consultation with the county legislative caucus credited US eight thousand dollars from money from to be pay with 25 % interest rate which amounted to us ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to be pay in one month period, but it has extend up to 10 months, without any signs from the county Authorities of paying back said money

Moreover, Margibi County will be hosting three counties in this year preliminary round of the national Counties sports meet which include Lofa, Grand Cape mount, and Grand kru counties.

Michael Russell said they has engaged Margibi county authorities and members of the legislative caucus on numerous occasion through the superintendent office, and efforts being apply to reach Representative Clarence G. Gahr of electoral District #5, Hon. Ivar K. Jones, Hon. Ben A. Fofana about their money but to no avail.

The spokesperson of the Harbel money exchangers association described it as an embarrassing situation and frustrating, stating that business is not actively moving as it were before and the economic hardship in the country is troubling.

He further by saying they are out of active business right now making their children being put out of school for tuition fees.

Michael Russell made these assertions on Wednesday December 12, 2018 via mobile phone conversation from his resident in lower Margibi County.

In a related development the media block out on the county authorities by all media institution in Margibi has not been resolve as Margibi county will host three counties in Kakata for the nation second biggest sports festival the national county sports meet, which will kick off on Sunday December 16,2018

Meanwhile all media institutions in Margibi county stop air information about the county, and immediately stop the relay of news program from the National State Broadcaster LBS and others national Radio stations in Monrovia due to the failure of the County authorities to include local media in the county budget during the past county sitting.

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