In Malawi: Man Invites Girl He Met On Facebook To His House But Only To Discover That  She Is A  Boy – See Photos

This is the guy who pretended to be a lady

Wonder shall never end, a report highlighted by a Nigerian Facebook user Okosuma Isaac who shared photos of a guy who over the years has been pretending to be a Girl on Facebook was caught when another guy saw him to be in love with this supposed lady on Facebook.

According to the report, this immediately the man proposed to his ‘Facebook Girl’ for a visit at his residence, a request which was accepted without delay by his preferred lover. Upon arrival at his residence, both had a very friendly interaction which eventually led both for a private discussion in his room.

He was later flogged by his would be boyfriend

The would-be girl, according to the report had all the looks of a woman including his ‘backside’ and wide chest, face and even the body like a lady, this encouraged the guy to make an attempt on his visitor, but surprisingly he was proving wrong as his visitor was not a woman but a man.

While in their private sitting, the anxiously made aa move to ‘Eat something’ within that process it was discovered that his guest was not a lady, but rather a boy; with anger he wasted no time, he slapped him in the face and removed his cloths for enough proof.

This is for people who seek for women on Facebook to be careful in the hunt for lover.


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