In Grand Kru: Man, 35, Confesses Of Ritualistic Killings After Being Squeezed  

From Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County|

The alleged witchcraft, Alex Kor Wleh

As some lawmakers of the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus are said to be calling for the immediate stoppage of Tamba Bundo, a witch doctor not to perform any traditional charm on individuals allegedly linked to witchcraft activities in the County, specifically in Picnicess, latest report from the County says a 35 years old man has reportedly confessed of been the cause of people missing in the County.

Over the past weeks, Tamba Bundo has been accusing people of their alleged involvement in witchcraft activities including the mysterious disappearance and Ritualistic killings of citizens in the Picnicess, despite being stopped by some lawmakers of the County.

Tama Bundo, the native doctor during his two day operations allegedly accused 14 persons for been a part of the mysterious disappearance and Ritualistic killings witchcraft saga in Picnicess.

Alex Kor Wleh weah who is believed to be in his 35, has confessed of been a witchcraft in Picnicess after a charm was up rooted at his bedroom three days after herbalist Tama Bundo operations was hated.

He confirmed that, the charm that was up rooted at his bedroom [house] was the one who planted the charm nether any of his family members.

Narrating the story, Alex Kor Wleh Weah said, the traditional herbalist Tama Bundo went to his house to up root the charm after which he followed the native doctor Tama Bundo for healing.

“I want for Tama Bundo to wash my heads not to get involved in any witchcraft activities again, I first confessed to my family members in my house after which I told my family to take me to Tamba on August 23, 2020 and my family taught I was playing fun. And on the 24 of August A.D 2020 I repeated the samething to my family”, Alex Kor Wleh weah speaking to our Correspondent said.

When asked how long you been in watchcraft activities and the number of persons you kill? Alex Kor Wleh weah could not talk but what he could say was his live involved.

Alex Kor Wleh weah further that, if the traditional herbalist Tamba Bundo can help him, than he will add on Tamba Bundo to clean the land of Picnicess.

Also those accused by the witch doctor of been linked to witchcraft activities include,  Blamoh Tugbe Alias Kbio general town chief, who is said to be on the run since month march of 2020, Peter Gipply, a onetime commissioner, A. Blomo Nah, former principle Gbeta Jr. high school, Andrew K. Gbe, former principle of Jlatekpoh public school, Alex Kor Wleh weah, Isaac Dey Weah, Lawrence W. Numene alias Rayya, Moses Kun Doe of Togbaklee, Prince M. Nmah alias Palee George, And others are J. Nah Wesseh, Wesseh Juah, Nagbe Talor, Wleh Tarnyonnoh and Nah Juah.

Meanwhile, a champ [Juju] was up rooted in the yard of the escaped general town chief Blamoh Tugbe alias Kbio.

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