In Grand Kru County: President Weah’s Housing Project Nearing Completion

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County|

Pro-poor Housing Units in Sasstown Down Beach

As President George M. Weah’s housing project reaches its final stage in some of the targeted communities, citizens of Grand Kru County have become commending the Liberian leader for his kind gesture.

According to our Correspondent, Jrao statutory district, Sasstown down beach, the President’s housing unit project has now Tog to it final stage with most of the housing units now completed finally.

Posture of the president Weah’s housing units project in Grand Kru County, now give a new look to the Sasstown down beach.

The initiative is President George Weah plan of directing resources to give comfort to less fortunate people in the area of infrastructure.

Over 200 housing units are expected to be completed across Grand Kru County.

Meanwhile, according to Eric Gbasue who paid a visit to the Jrao statutory district during his tour in Grand Kru, the Housing Units comprise two bed rooms, a living room, bathroom and two porches.

Eric Gbasue informed Radio Ahteenah that, the broken down thatched houses were marked for replacement by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment to allow only beneficiary of Sasstown, Grand Kru County, to benefit from the Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units.

He said the Building Construction Company (BCC) was contracted to build 170 housing units in six of the nine towns in Sasstown while Mobel is due to construct 33, also in the six towns.

The successor towns include Jekwikpo, Felorkri, Daryokpo, Kitea, Klaydia and Kunie. Norkwia, Sloyee and Wessah towns are the only towns in Sasstown, which are not included.

According Eric Gbasue, the BCC is expected to complete 108 units, while Mobel would erect 33 units to be publicly turned over by the end of August.

The turning over program will be attended by the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus, the County Leadership, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, LACE, BCC management and the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gbasue believes that about, 70 Housing Units have been occupied by the beneficiaries ahead of the formal turnover.

Speaking to our GNN correspondent in Grand Kru, Eric Gbasue said, Joe Jojo, the Supervisor of BCC, said as of Wednesday, 86 of the units have been fully completed in Jekwikpo and Felorkri of Sasstown. He said the remaining 22 in Daryokpo, Kitea, Kunie and Klaydia will be ready.

A staff of Mobel, who asked not to be named, said 20 of its 33 targeted housing units are fully completed while the remaining 13 will also be ready for the end-of-August turning over.

Mr. Joe said, the outstanding 62 housing units are expected to be completed hopefully in September.

Though BCC and the Mobel officials are tightlipped on the overall cost of the 203 units which are to be built only in Sasstown, the Daily Observer has gathered that the estimated cost is about US$3.6 million — and each of the units is put at US$18,000.

Mr. Joe maintained that the ongoing 24 housing units in Grandcess have been halted because of conflict between the BCC contractors and the youth.

However, Joe, in response, said the housing units were temporarily turned over in consultation with the County Leadership because the beneficiaries appealed to relocate because of the “leakages” of their thatched houses.

Further, the BCC has also constructed a Pro Poor House for President George M. Weah and, according to unconfirmed reports that house cost about US$55,000.

There are unconfirmed reports that the rigmarole was allegedly prompted by contractors denigrating their cultures, while another account suggests that the commotion stemmed from a protest against the backdrop that most of the older people — elders were left out during the marking of the Presidential Pro Poor Housing Units.

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