In Garza Community, Soul Clinic: Residents Embark On Self Initiative, Construct Road

While they crave on the Government of Liberia (GoL), individual lawmakers as well as philanthropic individuals and organizations for support, residents of the Garza Community have taken the bull by the horn to jumpstart the construction of their community road.

Garza Community is one of the many sub-communities within the Soul Clinic in Electoral District #4 in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia. With the population growing by the day, there is no public road leading into the community as previously used paths have been either fenced or blockaded by property owners.

As part of their self-help project, residents of the community, most of whom are youthful males, gathered in their numbers to construct a road into the community with the hope of getting external support anytime soon.

Mr. Sundaygar Peter Ward, Chairman of the community, said the project is of great importance to the community, because without road, they would be cut off from the rest of Soul Clinic and Paynesville in general. 

“We have to do this for ourselves or else, we will continue waiting on politicians’ promises and be cut off from the rest of the communities around us. This community has never received help from central government in terms of development and so we can’t keep waiting. We have to start something for ourselves and maybe central government or any of our lawmakers; our direct Representative and our Senators could step in. who knows, maybe some philanthropic groups or individuals out there could see our effort to buttress it,” Mr. Ward indicated. 

“This community has received one of the highest numbers of promises from officials of government, but none of these promises has ever come to past. So, my people are tired waiting so we decided to gather men to do something manually with our hands. We are committed to this process and we will ensure that this project is successful,” he added.

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