In Buchanan: Boy, 4, Abandons, Discovered Dead In A Hold

From Elton W. Tiah | GNN Correspondent | Grand Bassa County |

It was a tearful day at the ‘God Bless You Hill’ Community in Buchanan, after the lifeless body of a believed to be four years old boy identified as Stephen Frazier was discovered in an open pit fill with water  near his parents  resident.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, September 2, according to family sources .

Mamah Frazier, mother of the victim told reporters that she prepared food for her kids between the hours of 12pm and they ate and started playing.

She acknowledged that she later decided to wash some clothes because the kids were playing ; adding that she didn’t know how the child followed his sisters and brothers who are all kids to the next house .

“ I was washing clothes in front our house and later decided to call all the children to return home and play but by that time my son wasn’t among then “.

Mamah Frazier furthered “we search all over on Tuesday evening and later visited the Radio stations to aired announcements that my son got missing”.

The victim’s mother in a tearful mood expressed that her son couldn’t be seen until Wednesday morning when the community dwellers decided to search all empty and open pits in the community.

According to her, her son’s lifeless body was discovered 2mins away from their house in a hole  fill with water .

Eyewitnesses told our reporter that the victim left his resident on Tuesday and walked to his friends to play, adding that his parents couldn’t find him during the evening hours after several search.

Morris Wilsatoe, Assistant Zone Leader of the community told reporters that the lifeless corpse of the victim was discovered after the community decided to search every empty pit within the community.

“When we got the information , we decided to search every pit the next morning and we later discovered the corpse of the victim 2 minutes away from  his house in an open pit “.

He furthered “I was shocked when we saw the body of the little boy and so I immediately contacted the police to quickly join us to conduct investigation into the matter “.

Wilsatoe mentioned that it is second of its kind for a kid to get drown in the community; adding that the community dwellers are the once responsible because they’ve refused to listen to their leaders.

“We have talked to our people over and over to stop digging pits and leaving open but they just can’t listen to us. Today another family is the victim of the same thing we used to talk “.

Meanwhile, the Liberian National Police has launched an investigation into the matter as to establish what went wrong.

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