Brutal Killing Of Motorcyclist In Maryland County, Three Men, One Woman Arrested, Police Boss Urged Citizens To Be Peaceful

From E. Varney Kamah~ GNN Correspondent, Maryland County*

LNP Boss, Col. Patrick Sudue addressing reporters in Maryland County (Photo credit: E. Varney Kamah)

Calm seems to be returning in Maryland County, specifically in Harper and Pleebo cities following the arrest of four persons who are said to be linked to the brutal murder of the motorcyclist, while another only identified as ‘Zipper’  is currently on the run.

Currently the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudue is in the County hold series of meetings with citizens of the county calling on them to report these unwanted killings of innocent citizens in the county, while at the same time urging them to be law abiding as peaceful citizens.

The murder of the motorcyclist during the past weeks caused serious havoc in the county, a situation that led to the burning of police vehicle, and the residence of the county’s lawmaker, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers, a situation that compelled the authority of the LNP to dispatch a team of Emergency Response Unit (ERU) in order to restore calm in that south eastern county of Maryland.

Col. Patrick Sudue discussions with aggrieved residents of Maryland County in relation to the gruesome murder of a motorcyclist ” Mordocious Nyemah” whose lifeless body was discovered in Bassiken Town between Grand Kru and Maryland Counties, and has reaffirmed that justice will prevail.

The Police inspector General of the Republic of Liberia Col. Patrick Sudue asked Pleebo residents to remain calm, peaceful and cooperate with the authority  to ensure a fruitful investigation.

Col. Sudue condemned the act of continues ritualistic killing across the County that resulted into disruption of normal activities for couple of days. Adding that

the actions taken by protesters, destroying public and private facilities, especially the Prison Compound which permitted some high core criminals to  escaped is unacceptable.

“Everyone has the right to assemble and express themselves to their government through protest and submitting of their petition but it must be done peacefully. Demanding for Justice and settling at ablaze public and private buildings and looting are all crimes under the law, those who are involved into such act must stop because if it continues and you are identified and caught, you will face justice”.

The Inspector General mentioned that 91 inmates had escaped the prison due to the protesters’ action but at least six were arrested including suspect ” Moses Blama”, who had mentioned  the names of three persons who he said are involved into the act. Adding that Police has also arrested Daniel Weah and Francis Clarke out of the three names mentioned by the suspect including a female whose name withheld but one person is on the run as the investigation continues.

” Citizens of Maryland County the President of Liberia Dr: George Weah is seriously concerned about this situation in the County, this ritualistic killing most stop in this County, I have come with so many people in Maryland County, therefore, I can assure you with your support and our presence here in Maryland County, we will have a positive results”

On his part, Maryland County Senator J. Gbleh-bo Brown welcomed and appreciated the Inspector General and his team for their quick intervention but made a suggestion that the Police should focus primarily on those that allegedly murdered the motorcyclist and persistently request the name of the architect behind the act of ritualistic killing in the county. Adding that the act of ritualistic killing is an old age crisis in Maryland County that needs to be stopped, “says and the time is now”

The lawmaker also assured the people of Maryland County that with the concerned being raised by he and his colleagues at the legislature and the intervention of the Police Inspector General including the collective efforts by the residents of Maryland County, there would be a fair justice into this case and several cases that linked to any form of ritual act being committed in the County.

Currently the 6pm to 6am curfew imposed in the county by the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah is in full swing.

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