In Bomi County: Commissioners Salaries Missing

The Liberia News Agency (LINA) has reported that Bomi County Superintendent Adama Robinson  has launched an investigation with the Expediter and the Bomi County  Pay Team into the missing salaries of  Commissioners serving in the  County.

According to Superintendent Robinson, even though those commissioners  are just taking over, their salaries continue to come but are not  receiving them, even though they are working for the government.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency in Tubmanburg, Bomi County  Tuesday, Superintendent Robinson said he is currently investigating  the expediter and the County pay team over the missing salaries of  district Commissioners.

The Bomi County Superintendent told LINA that his commissioners have  worked for over five months without receiving their salaries,  something which, he said, is unfortunate especially  as the salaries  continue to be received  by some unknown persons.

He promised that after the investigation those that will be found  culpable will reimburse the missing salaries of those commissioners.

Superintendent Robinson named the Senjeh District Commissioner Madam  Maima Free,  Klay District Commissioner Momo She and  Dowien District  Commissioner Ballah Bue, as those commissioners that have not taken  pay since they were appointed and confirmed by the Liberian Senate.


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