In Armenia Liberian Arrested for Allegedly Stealing $1,000,000 From Businessman

Flash Back: Man in handcuff on his way to prison

YEREVAN, AUGUST 6, ARMENPRESS. A 54 year old con-man has been arrested and charged for fraud for allegedly stealing 1,000,000 dollars from an Armenian businessman. The suspect’s identify remains undisclosed but authorities did mention that the suspect holds dual Swedish and Liberian citizenship.

According to the Investigative Committee’s preliminary information, the crime took place back in 2009. The 54-year-old suspect acted with two accomplices, one of whom is a Liberian citizen.

The con-man had tricked an Armenian businessman into a business deal and eventually defrauded him.

The victim is a CEO of a company in Armenia. The victim was contacted by one of the suspects in November 2009 and was offered to cooperate in a potential investment deal. The caller said he will dispatch a representative to Armenia for further communication. Shortly afterwards the 54-year-old arrived in Yerevan. A meeting took place involving the parties and the foreigners tricked the Armenian businessman into believing that they are affluent entrepreneurs willing to import 1,000,000 dollars’ worth of diamonds into the country. As a guarantee for receiving payment after the “import”, they demanded the Armenian businessman to show them the money in cash, after which they will mark the money with special chemicals to rule out a potential spending of the cash until the deal is done.

They eventually stole the cash during a subsequent meeting with the businessman when the latter went out to have a smoke break. The case has been forwarded to the prosecution.

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