If Gov’t’s Nat’l Agenda  Is ‘Poisoned’

-Then Part Of The Autopsy Must Uncompromisingly Reach The Previous Regime In Order To Uproot Its Entrenched Mess; To Ensure A Solid Path Of Clear-Sky-Navigation

By Gus D. Jaeploe

Without doubt, and so it seems as a commonplace, that the administration, and by extension, the leadership of President Joseph N. Boakai is cognizant of the hard facts of reality that it has got a whole lot of cleaning up tasks to carry out with the Sociological factors of the interaction of “Time” and “Change” in close traditional concert with emphasis on utilization, based on grounded natural co-existence.

Moreover, some well-meaning and balanced-minded nationalists, determined to not see Boakai’s regime being dragged in the dark, dreadful and disgraceful corridors of a handicapped leadership with harbored fright or fear to step on some toes sanctioned by the laws to portray transparency and accountability in the governance process on even keel, are reminding the new leadership that “without ‘time’, there can be no change, and without ‘change’, time has no meaning”.

According to them, if the Boakai government’s national agenda is so ‘poisoned’ to function increasingly and productively, then part of the autopsy, without hesitation, must reach  and  radically and robustly, in the confirm of the constitution and the tenets of good governance, must uproot the previous regime’s modus operandi in order to obtain solid path of clear-sky-navigation.

Now that ‘time’ has given the perfect greenlight for ‘change’, so what sort of ‘change’ will be delivered that will give precious ‘time’ the well acclaimed attached meaning, political observers inquired

Already, there are tons of claims regarding some elements absolutely bent on stoking all sorts of obstacles perfectly designed to weigh the government way down low in praiseworthy performance, and by the same token, the administration, if appears to be lukewarm in its constitutional duties with a fortified and courageously determined solid and well-rooted functionaries to brace, without caving in to the futuristic challenges, divorced of compromises, including harbored fear or favor rather remained in total compliance with its mandates and promises made to the people; then surely, the people will not lose their glowing appetite of expectations.

While skeptics may have already been loaded with their ‘political missiles’ and eyeing time or moment to unleash; with Boakai stepping up to the plate after a dismally performed regime; many enthusiasts are without hesitation, also and equally joining the hassles desperately wanting to know what flavor and style of politics will Boakai reflects; what will comprise the chemistry of his leadership; what power will his administration stand for or stand against; will the fame  of his very leadership be cowed by the ‘hemoglobin’ of shyness and inferiority with the urge to lead from the back seat to keep pace with appeasement to stay safe, wondered many skeptics.

Despite the tempting odds and the looming coercions embedded in an ultra-united front to politically (undemocratically) derail the erected structural patterns of delivery of goods and services; is President Boakai also aware what George F. Will says in his book The New Season that “politics ain’t beanbag”. Rather “that means politics is not a gentle game. The truth often gets its trousers rumpled and its hair mussed. Politics is not a seminar; it is a disinterested quest for Truth. It is a passionate quest for power, fame, wealth and-more often than many people think; more often than not-for justice and the public good.” Where, how and what link will be drawn?

Avoid Disgraceful Commitments

The 26th President of the Republic of Liberia, elected on November 14, 2023 (in a runoff after the October 10, 2023 election could not produce a winner based on 50 plus one % votes constitutional mandate), Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai in the pool of political hostile trials and temptations exclusively bent on rendering him a dismal flunky leadership wise; must strive as far as possible to avoid disgraceful commitments; and much more deeper than that, should not attempt to afford the beauty  and luxury of participating in its own lynching party; thereby dumping grotesquely and dampening all the prospects and would-be goodwill packaged to enhance the smooth operationalization of his leadership and administration in delivering the most needed decentralized goods and services to the craving people, and by extension, the country.

Equally, it would be foolhardy to bankroll your own political, administrative, and above all, leadership fallen upon losing a great and golden opportunity by being woefully dejected, all because you, in the embodiment of the leadership portrayed,   could not hang on and fearlessly hold on determinedly, and reflectively walking in your own political suit and being your own man.

In short, remember, and practice that nobody should brush your political farm while you only play the “arch-role” of merely wrecked spectator, riding (leading from the back) in the back seat, going as a puppet wherever the controlled forces desired. Also be very mindful that when your leadership, so greatly admired and anticipated to make a vast, unique and positive difference by breaking completely away from the past scourge-troubled-leadership (a consuming deep darkness still around) , makes itself the ruined beacon of praiseworthiness, then indeed history, without hesitation, will judge your leadership very harshly, and finally,  pass by you.

As the Old Holy Book reveals for practical reason, “that to whom much is given, so much is expected”, must and cannot go unnoticed or be treated as just critically and meaningfully applicable; if this leadership is to realize why it was chosen and tasked out of the old fashion worn-out significance, but must by the same token, be carefully, with the politically-stuck and wailing Liberian people’s gracefulness for God’s divine intervention.

The people who sought God’s mercy , according to observers, to cross them over the political Rubicon with no expectation of ever looking back to the past era of leadership comprised horror, economic quicksand, debilitating unemployment nightmare, apartheid fashion of executing justice, security, equality and ensured national protection for all without cherry-picking and the ultra-demarcation between cronyism and openly rejected for not being their kind.

This, according to them, include the vicious vices nefariously packaged; must be,  and always remained your ‘political taboo’ without compromise, if the people are to be elevated from  the abject poverty stage to a progressive higher height,  observers cautioned President Boakai’s leadership..

Sucked Into Leading A Sinking Ship 

Despite the cosmetic whitewashed impressionistic colors of loose and irresponsible kudosless of democratic tenets grossly, and intentionally deployed to render the new governing administration questionable; having won in (the previous regime) the recent and mandate of the Liberian people to take full mantle of state authority to lead, (in place of the failed leadership) upon being dismally dejected and rejected by the people,

At the same time, pundits said they immensely supported the total denial of it (outgoing leadership) to continue another six years term; had, without second thought, loaded a ship with cargos comprising rough and vicious objectives dubbed: sucked into leading a sinking ship.

Prime achievement according to pundits, was geared toward thwarting the expected capability to (the new leadership) deliver the fruits of good governance, deliverance of the most needed decentralized goods and services from the national cake without cherry-picking. Time, indeed it is the time for the people and the rest of the world to see what are expected from the fountain of more than forty years tested to show its juice, and ensure that difference will be made and established.

Meanwhile, let’s look at the rigmarole as was reported by the SPOON TALK SHOW recently between ejected Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and former Auditor General John S. Morlu, ll featuring finding looming US$300 million to be absorbed by the national budget on one hand, and the most invincible moving hand and silent echo.

Accordingly, whose game plan in that soup opera was clandestinely propounded by troubled-Finance Minister Tweah, who did not counter or challenge the authenticity Morlu’s startling revelation, only to reveal shortly that the key player in the mellow drama at the far end, was already pronounced dead in India, was viewed by hardcore pundits as preposterous  and a dead end design of a boomeranged failed policy shredded in pale insincerity. However, hold on, and be keenly warned: if you can’t help a man, don’t ruin him, sounded he pundits.

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