“I Will Takes Weah’s Gov’t Back To ECOWAS’ Court” Cllr. Ja’neh Vows

Associate Justice Former Kabineh Ja’neh

As the Liberian Government is reportedly dragging its feet abide the verdict of the ECOWAS Court of justice including the reinstatement of impeached Supreme Court Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, and the Payment of US$200k for his rights violation, the impeached Justice has vowed to run back to the court for the Liberian Government alleged refusal.

The impeached former Liberian Associate Justice of the Supreme Court has said he wants to be reinstated in his position as was ordered by the Court, threatening to take the Weah’s administration back to the regional court over its alleged refusal to implement the mandate.

“I will not rest until the Government of Liberia complies with the regional court’s ruling. Now my position, I want to be reinstated … in my position and I will make sure with the backing of the law that everything contained in the ruling is complied with,” Cllr. Ja’neh said Tuesday, 7 September in an interview with local broadcaster Kool FM in Paynesville.

Cllr. Jan’eh was removed as an Associate Justice of the Liberian Supreme Court through an impeachment process that he later challenged as unconstitutional and won at the ECOWAS Court.

In filing his complaint before the ECOWAS Court, Ja’neh had sought to be awarded general damages in an amount not less than US$25,000,000.00 as compensation and an order directing the Republic of Liberia to restore him to his position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

However, the ECOWAS Court awarded him US$200,000 as reparation for moral prejudice he suffered for the violation of his rights following the case he filed against the Liberian authorities.

In his radio interview Tuesday, Ja’neh noted that the regional court ruled that the Government of Liberia’s action to remove him was illegal and had no basis in the law.

He continued that the court also instructed the government here to pay him US$200,000 and provide all his compensations and benefits as if he was working because they had committed a moral prejudice and therefore they should reinstate him.

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