‘I hope to touch lives with my music in Nigeria’ — Kanvee Adams

By Benjamin Njoku |

Having established herself a gospel music singer of great repute in her country, Liberia and in many other African countries, Daar Music Global signed artiste, Kanvee Adams is currently in Nigeria to promote her ‘Life changing’ music.

With a wealthy discography to her credit, Kanvee Adams who ventured into the music-making craft after receiving a divine calling from God, is set to go on a nationwide and continental tour where she will create awareness for her newly released album, ‘Hosanna’.

Speaking on her forthcoming nationwide music tour, an expectant Kanvee said; “Acceptance is key to me. I hope my brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers will accept me and my songs as we do for Nigerian artistes in Liberia. I expect to make a very positive mark here in Nigeria by God’s grace. Nigeria is the hub of music in Africa and every artist will desire to showcase here.”

By virtue of her credibility as an established gospel music act, the delectable singer is confident she would find a footing on the competitive gospel music scene here in Nigeria.

“I am confident to make a mark here in Nigeria. And since this is about the Gospel, it is about soul winning and not necessarily competition. It’s about God’s work. My music has touched millions of lives around the world. I have heard testimonies of lives being transformed through my songs by the grace of God”, she said.

Rating gospel music artistes in Nigeria, she said; “Great and positive. I think the gospel music artistes are doing their very best and the sector is blooming.” She added that despite the morally bankrupt lyrics of contemporary music, gospel music artistes are doing their best to sanitize the system with life changing songs. “As a matter of fact, Gospel music brings the message and God does the rest by touching the lives of people.”

Source: www.vanguardngr.com

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