I-Help Liberia Project Sponsored U.S. Scholars To Liberia Gains Momentum In Nimba County

One of the visiting American scholars speaking during one of the training sessions

Dozens of Liberian students and teachers who are direct beneficiaries of the I-Help Liberia Project teachers’ training workshops involving scholars from the United States with their objective to professionally impact sound knowledge in the areas of Science and Technology and Mathematics in rural Liberia, specifically in Nimba County are expressing gratitude to the organizers.

Students listen attentively to their lecturers

The teachers and students who are eager to acquire modern teaching method from the visiting American teachers speaking to reporters in the County said they were overjoyed for the level of academic support being offered by the American scholars to aid the Country’s educational sector.

“We are happy for the management team of I-Help Liberia Project in the United States, especially Mr. Asumana Jabateh Randolph a Liberian scholar based in the United States for his farsightedness in bringing to Liberia dozens of American scholars in enhancing the quality of the Liberian educational system. We are proud of This Liberian educator,” one of the beneficiaries of the I-Help Liberia Project training workshops in a chat with reporters in Nimba County said.

According to report, the visiting American scholars during the weeklong training workshops in Nimba County were highly greeted and appreciated by citizens for their support to the improvement of Liberia’s educational system.

Over the past years, dozens of American scholars have been brought into the Country through the help and support of I-Help Liberia Project impacting knowledge to both teachers and students in the areas of Science Technology and Mathematics aimed at improving the leaning skills of Liberians.

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