I-HELP Liberia Project Craves For Support for Its Summer Teacher Training Workshop In Liberia

FLASG BACK: Liberian women in Nimba County benefiting from one of I-Help Liberia Project’s training programs

Professors and students are the I-HELP Liberia Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started out of Hunter College High School in the central city of New York City, the United States of America is urgently craving for an urgent help to run a science and math workshop in Liberia this summer!

The I-HELP Liberia Project started when a group of us were inspired by our own science teacher at Hunter College High School, Mr. Asumana Jabateh Randolph, who touched our lives in a way that few teachers can. His empathy and care for others was contagious. For years he collected books, school supplies and lab equipment to send back to his home country of Liberia, and he encouraged us to get involved as well. Now that we are further along in our careers as scientists and engineers, we want to share our expertise with Liberian teachers, who struggle with extremely limited resources and opportunities to expand their knowledge.

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