“I am Innocent” – Dept. Speaker Moye speaks On Missing L$16 Billion Saga

By Emmanuel Mafelah | GNN Correspondent Central Liberia |

Deputy House Speaker, Prince Moye

Liberia Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye has described as erroneous, amid speculation that he knows something about the missing $16 billion Liberian Dollars.

Some residents of Bong County have been calling on the Deputy Speaker to recuse himself amid speculation that his name was specified in one of the editions of the Hot Pepper News paper as one of the suspects of the money saga.

The residents referenced the 2016 Global Witness Report which led to the recusal of former Speaker of the 53th Legislature J. Alex Tyler.

It can be recalled that in 2016, several Liberian officials were indicted by the Global Witness including former Speaker Tyler of receiving US 950,000 bribes from UK Mining firm which led to majority members of the 53th Legislature signing a resolution to remove him.

But speaking to Reporter via Mobile Phone, the Bong County District #2 Lawmaker stated that those who are accusing him about the 16 billion Dollars are detractors adding that their fight can never bring him down.

He alleged that those that are even calling for his recusal from the Deputy Speakership are pay agents that want to spoil his character to the Liberian people.

Mr. Moye stated that he has over the past built his character and in no way that his name will be mentioned in such scandal.

According to him, he is currently thinking about a strategic plan that will better improve the living conditions of Bong County Citizens and the Liberians noting that he does not know anything about the missing money.

Deputy Speaker Moye has at the same time described the Hot Pepper News Paper as backdoor entity that allegedly receives money to denigrate the characters of high profile officials.

Even though the government has requested the assistance of the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the International Monetary Fund to help probe the inflow of money into the country in 2016, but the Bong County District #2 Representative has urged the government to invite Jesus Christ something he believes will make the team of Investigators to Cleary understand the facts about the missing money.

“Only Jesus Christ we need to call to look in to this matter now because nothing we can do especially when we have been accused by paid agents to spoil our Characters” Hon. Moye adds.

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