‘I Am Committed To Implementing My Developmental Agenda For My People’ – Says Rep Fonati Koffa

From Emmanuel S. Koffa | GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County|

Honorable Jonathan Fonati Koffa, Grand Kru County Electoral District # 2 Representative

Amid widespread information that the Grand Kru County District # 2 Representative Jonathan Fonati Koffa’s intent to contest the December midterm Senatorial Elections, the representative has publicly debunk this assertion, noting that he is committed to implementing his developmental agenda for the Grand Kru County Electoral District number 2, and further stressed that it is not inappropriate to venture into the upcoming midterm senatorial elections.

The Grand Kru County lawmaker informed Radio Atheena Thursday that as a Representative, his focus has been on key priority issues that will give better living condition to his constituent.

Contesting the pending midterm elections is something Representative Koffa sees as diverse of focus which may deny people of District number two the needed result for which he was elected.

The Grand Kru Electoral district # 2 outlines some of his ongoing projects in his district.

Despite the tight fiscal space in the national budget to support legislative projects, according to Cllr. Koffa 2nd annual massage to his people quotes that, representative Koffa managed to secure money from other sources outside the country (Liberia) to begin the construction of three primary schools.

One in Bolloh Chembwetee, at the cost of $45,000USD; the Taybue elementary school, at the cost of $25,000USD; and the George T. Worjloh elementary school in Sasstown, at the cost of $45,000USD.

Honorable Koffa statement also quotes that, these three projects are currently placed at a total cost of $115,000 United States dollars for full completion.

The Grand Kru county lawmaker named the Warkpo to Nyankupo road; the office through its representative has met with management of Atlantic Resources, to begin the rehabilitation of the Warkpo to Nyankupo road.

Fonati Koffa said, he has made such intervention when he found it very difficult to reach those communities during his last thank you visit in his district.

The remarks from Cllr Koffa comes in the wake of huge public questions as to while the Electoral District number two law maker declared no interest of contesting the Senatorial elections.

He spoke on Radio Ahteenah Breakfast show via mobile phone from his capitol Building office in Monrovia.

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