Hundreds of Ex-Soldiers’ Wives, Children Angrily Storm Finance Ministry In Demand Benefits

Grounds of the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning (MFDP) was the scene of protest when wives, children and other relatives of the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) on Tuesday, April 7, 2021 angrily stormed the area in demand of benefits for their dead relatives.

Speaking to the GNN, one of the protesters, Eva Nat who claimed her husband served the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) for several years and died during the country’s civil war, said the Liberian government must see reason for the payments of their relatives’ benefits including , noting that it is overdue for the payments of their husbands’ benefits.

The group comprised of the young and elderly women, including children in their number said their demands have been given ‘cold shoulders’ by authority at the Ministry of Finance for the payment of their late husbands’ benefits, stressing, “We are tired of the ill-treatment been melted against us their demand for their husbands’ benefits since the passing of our husbands and other relatives who served the national army,” Eva Nat in an emotional state, told the GNN.

In response to the women demand, the Controller and Accountant General of Liberia, Janga A. Kowo, assured the women that the government is doing everything possible to handling their situation.

Over the past years widows of dead soldiers who passed off during the Liberian civil war always protested demanding for their dead husbands and other relatives who lost their lives during the country fourteen years civil war with successive governments paying similar request of the women.

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