Huge Support For Benoni Urey’s Call For The Establishment Of War Crimes Court

Mr. Benoni Urey, Political Leader of ALP

Following his call for the establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia, dozens of Liberians who believed they were victims during the Country brutal civil war are expressing their support to this call, noting that this call made by the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), considered as the richest man in Liberia and a well known entrepreneur cum farmer must be taken seriously.

Noting that those who publicly committed heinous crimes against humanity during the country’s brutal civil war are now here living with impunity, while Charles Taylor, the former Liberian leader who played his role as one of the armed factions’ leaders  is still behinds bars in the United Kingdom, while others who equally took part killing innocent people are moving about freely in Liberia and other parts of the world.

Speaking to the GNN-Liberia Friday during an exclusive interview with some Liberians including Aaron Jackson Daniels who claimed to have suffered during the civil war Liberia, and fled to neighboring country, Guinea, to be specific said it is iniquitous to allow buck of those who violated the rights of the majority and committed crimes; taken away innocent lives are living with impunity without remorse.

“Mr. Benoni  Urey is indeed right by calling for the establishment of war crimes court in Liberia, those who committed crimes against humanity should be brought to book for justice. I was here throughout the civil war, and never saw or heard that Urey took up arms against innocent people. His concentration if my memories served me right, was business and providing jobs for the jobless and putting food on the table of those who were dare in need,” Daniels speaking with the GNN noted.

Some of those who committed crimes against humanity including Prince Y. Johnson now serving in the Liberian Senate must all be brought to book to face justice for what he did during the war instead of calling for a delay in the establishment of the Court.

“We support Mr. Urey’s stance for calling for the establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia; this guy means business, precedence must be set to avoid those who committed heinous crimes be brought to justice, instead of them to live with impunity,” Daniels noted.

The controversial Nimba County Senator is among several Liberians listed by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for prosecution for allegedly committing heinous crimes and crimes against humanity during the brutal Liberian civil war between 1979 and 2003.

The Liberian civil conflict claimed more than 250,000 lives and destroyed the country’s infrastructures. Liberians suffered tremendously over the course of the country’s two armed conflicts spanning more than 14 years.

Abuses during the war years included summary executions, large-scale massacres, rape and other forms of sexual violence, mutilation and torture, and widespread forced conscription and use of child combatants.

Liberians have been waiting for many years to see justice for the atrocities suffered during the country’s civil wars. It’s Nine years since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its report, which called for a special war crimes court to be set up, however, not a single person has been tried in Liberia for war crimes.

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