Huge Sudanese protests held outside Khartoum army command as troops fire on crowds

A mass sit-in outside the Sudanese Army General Command in the capital Khartoum is now well into its second day.

Thousands of Sudanese protesters on Sunday are rallying outside the Army General Command in the capital Khartoum as a mass overnight sit-in continues into its second day.

Although the military allowed more than 500,000 people, according to witnesses, to gather outside the military headquarters on Saturday, the security services staged an attack on the demonstrators in the late afternoon.

“With the dawn of freedom and the continuation of our sit-in for the second consecutive day in front of the General Command of our glorious army, there are exposed plans from the security services and loyalists to the army leaders to disperse the crowds and empty the sit-in, but the crowds will withstand with the steadfastness of revolutionaries,” stated the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA), the main protest organiser since demonstrations erupted in mid-December.

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