How Lucas Richard, a married American missionary tried to ‘behead’ his Liberian girlfriend – Details

By Osei Emmanuel|

Lucas Richard and his wife were said to be posting as missionaries in Grand Cape Mount County.

He was still married to his American wife but went on to do a traditional marriage with Jessica at the blind side of his wife because he claims she is old.

A young lady by the name Miss Jessica Lloyd, who hail from Liberia, got almost killed by her American husband who goes by the named Lucas Richard in Liberia.

According to Jessica’s mother, Lucas got to know Jessica from the mission where she was attending and that was were Lucas proposed to her and asked her to be his second wife and that he had already informed his wife.

Jessica told Lucas that she will have to inform her parents about his proposal after which she gave the green light to the relationship.

When Lucas got to know that Jessica was pregnant for him, he injected her, with some drugs and killed the unborn baby. On September 14 2023, Lucas visited Jessica late in the evening where he informed Jessica that he was traveling back to America on a quick business trip and he wanted both of them to go on a date at the nearest entertainment center for him to apologize for his actions.

She informed her mother about what Lucas said and sorted her permission not knowing that Lucas had different intentions.

Later a news got to Jessica family’s that Lucas tried killing her and she was saved by a tricycle rider who saw Lucas trying to slit her throat and by the help of others Lucas got arrested by the Liberia National Police.

Jessica is now at the Hospital undergoing treatment but the twist in all this is, Jessica is still trying to protect Lucas and by such not giving the police enough details.

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