House Imprisoned National Security Operative For ‘Lying Under Oath’

By Randall George

L/R: Members of the House of Representatives voting to imprison Joseph Jake Brown

Members of the House of Representatives have with immediate effect imprisoned the Assistant Director for ‘Cyber, Crime, and Intelligence’ at the National Security Agency(NSA), Joseph Jake Brown for 72 hours with a letter of apology to be printed in three local dailies for three days, for allegedly lying under oath to be in the employ of the National Security Agency.

The plenary of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 overwhelmingly took the decision following a motion for the controversial NSA operative to be incarcerated for three days at the Monrovia central prison from Lofa County’s District #3 representatives, Representative Clarence C. Massaquoi.

Making the motion for Brown’s imprisonment in a sad tone, Representative Massaquoi noted his unhappiness discussing a matter involving a girl child in a sex video that was allegedly posted on social media by the controversial NSA operative, Joseph J. Brown.

Representative Massaquoi making a way forward after a heated contestation and misinterpretation of the House’ rules, Rule 44 against his motion by Nimba County’s district #5 representative, Representative Samuel Kogar said,

“Mr. Speaker, Madame Co-Presiding, Mr. Speaker I said, and I want to transmit my way forward suggested reading the body language on the floor, I don’t know if there’s anybody here, who is not touched by this very sad story.

And I will think that it is now time that we as the people representative, at least once, must indicate, must present ourselves, in the eyes of the public that we are here for them.

Gender-based violence is all over the country. And I don’t think any of us, should treat this as a trivial matter. This is very much important.

Haven said that I moved and if I can be seconded, that the content of this recording as brought to us here by our colleague, Honorable Dennis, District #4, Montserrado County, haven gone through an extensive presentation from our witnesses, being mindful; that whatever we do as lawmakers should be in the confines of the law.

The content of that video, and the crime that could be established through an investigation, be refer to the executive, in this case, meaning, the ministries of Justice, Gender and Children Protection, Labor, and the NSA, to launch an expansive and a detailed investigation into this matter, report to this honorable House of Representatives in one week, additionally, Mr. Speaker, on such a graved issue, we expect our witnesses appearing before this body; will fall not short of the truth based on the oath that they took before the people’s representatives.

Mr. Brown, Joseph Brown haven deviated; haven broken that sacred oath that he took by presenting to us here that he’s in the employ of the NSA, the director of the NSA is here, and has reported to us, and not just on the basis of the verbal presentation by the director.

Haven listened to the reading of the communication dated June; Mr. Speaker, even the admittance of Mr. Brown that he is in the employ of the NSA, but has not been paid since October, he is probably the most obedient civil servant in this country.

Haven’t been paid from October until now, and there’s no complaint, your office is closed, in response to your suspension, and that’s according to him. This is misleading.

Because of that act of misleading this August body, Mr. Brown be sent to jail for 72 hours, and that Mr. Brown deposit into government revenue, Liberian dollars $4,999¢, and a flagged receipt indicating the deposit of the said amount be presented to the office of the chief clerk who will furnish that office with the evidence.

And such a payment should be made not later than tomorrow being Wednesday, the 4th of August 2021.

Additionally, that he will publish in three local daily, an apology to this August body, for misleading us; for three days beginning Wednesday, August 4th, 2021, and copies of those papers should be presented to the secretarial. If I can be seconded.”

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