Homeless Liberians In Ghana Languishing Helplessly

The Ghanaian authority have finally resolved to forcibly demolish the only save haven for hundreds of Liberians, the Buduburam Camp which was established in 1990 to accommodate the influx of Liberian refugees who fled to Ghana due to the civil war.

According to a dispatch from the Ghanaian Capitol, Accra, has disclosed early morning of February 27, 2024 the Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Council issued a three-day ultimatum to occupants of “Liberia Camp or Buduburam Camp” to vacate the area as the council has resolved to construct a market.

Based on this, our Correspondent in Ghana speaking via mobile phone said to the surprise of many of the residents of the camp, mostly Liberians were surprisingly informed of the demolition of the camp by heavy bulldozer machines demolishing their homes with no prior notice.

According to our contact, the situation compelled hundreds of Liberians residing on the camp to sleep in the streets and market places with the children and the elderly, as their personal properties were seen damaged by the bulldozer machines.

Our contact also revealed that demolition of the Camp left thousands of Liberians who have been on the camp for years are now beggers in the streets, while others and their dependents including the elderlies are looking for survival wherever they find themselves.

Meanwhile, some members of the community who have been affected by the exercise say they were taken by surprise as they blame the traditional council for extending the exercise beyond the zones that were marked earlier.

According to them, about 600 Liberian nationals no longer have places to lay their heads as a result of the exercise.

“We’ve been displaced now and our homes have been destroyed. We don’t have anywhere to go, and we want the government to do something about the exercise,” Jamal George, a displaced resident told local journalists.

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