Things Fall Apart: Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Henry Costa

Henry Petro Costa Usual Calls For Boakai’s death Ponder Many Liberians

The social media platforms are said to be overwhelmed by calls from radio personality and hired political commenter Henry Petro Costa who always predicts the sudden death of Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the president-elect of Liberia, and a national statesman seems to ponder many Liberians, and foreign residents as to the reasons why Costa must joyously publicize the untimely death of a stateman.

Henry Petro Costa and President George Weah

It is unjustifiable for someone to proudly predict the death of another person, particularly a family man, most importantly a stateman who recently won a major contested elections against the incumbent; the man who should be his father, what a terrible omen for this cunning young Liberian call Henry Petro Costa.

Political pundits and Liberians are astonished as anyone else outside of Liberia over Costa’s utterances regarding the predicted death of President-elect Boakai. It can be recalled propagandists, supporters, partisans and followers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government on the perceived health conditions of the 79 years old now President-elect Boakai.

They told their vulnerable partisans that Boakai would not last up to the elections, something Henry Costa ran with on his propaganda radio talk show with the intent to sway voters to CDC instead of Boakai’s Unity Party.

Unfortunately for Costa and his other CDC propagandists, Boakai was elected over incumbent president George Weah.

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    So where is old man Boakai?

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