Henry Costa Says He Want Not Less Than 50,000 People Turnout On December 30th, If Not He Will Quit

Mr. Henry P. Costa of Roots FM

The lead organizer of the upcoming ‘Weah Step Down’ protest on December 30th, 2019 has vowed to quit the process if 50,000 Liberians will not get in the street for the protest, noting that “If Liberian people do not turn up in the mass on the 30th of December I will take a break from the Costa Show after December 30th,” Mr. Costa speaking on his ‘Costa Show’ declared.

Mr. Costa, who sounded a serious warning, said he will be ready to takeoff from the United States to go to Liberia for the protest, noting that his expectation on that day of the protest should be not less than 50,000 persons less than that he will quit and further protest.
He said Liberians always joke about things, and refused to take things serious, adding, “If you think I am joking try me on December 30th, I will quit my show if less than 50,000 turned out during the protest, this country is a miserable place, I cannot continue to scarify my life doing advocacy and others who are supposed to be a part are not showing any remorse,” Costa in a rather disappointing mood said.

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