Henry Costa Heads To Liberia Amid Security Tension, Arrives In Accra

The lead campaigner of the December 30th protest in Liberia, Henry Petro Costa  is said to be heading to Liberia as promised to join hundreds of protesters in their bid to compel the George Weah-led government to see reason in responding to their demands put forward by the Council of Patriots (CoP) last June 7th, 2019.

According to report, the government of Liberia over the past weeks has been deploying dozens of security officers, including the National Security Agency and others at the Roberts International Airport; apparently to arrest Mr. Costa upon arrival at the airport.

Henry Petro Costa over the years has been very critical on the Weah-led government on several national issues, and has been on the forefront on the ‘Weah Step Down’ campaign noting that he has failed the Liberian people.

He has been very vocal on President Weah and his officials for their alleged failure to govern the Liberian people and imposing increased hardship on them since he came to power nearly two years ago. He arrived in the Ghanaian capital today amid overwhelming turned out of Liberians in that country to welcome him.

The tough-talking Liberian political commentator who is currently in Accra is expected to reach the Liberian capital, Monrovia this week as thousands of his supporters have swarmed the grounds on the RIA to receive him on arrival.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting

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