Henry Costa Calls For Mass Protest ‘Unannounced’ Against Gov’t  Alleged Plan To Increase Tariff on GSM Companies

Mr. Henry P. Costa, organizing another protest date is unknown

The founder of the Council of Patriot (COP), Henry P. Costa who is currently in the United States has disclosed that his organization will shortly stage a major ‘Unannounced’ protest against a reported decision by the Liberian Government to increase tariff on all GSM companies in Liberia.

Addressing his supporters today via a Zoom video, Costa said the Liberian government is contemplating on hiking tariffs on GSM Companies’ calls despite of the current economic difficult been faced with by Liberians amid the ongoing health crisis as a result of the deadly Coronavirus.

The COP executive said with the already appalling economic situation, it was unbearable for the government in the amid of the cancellation of the three-day free calls promotion by the country’s two GSM companies it was stiff advocating for another hardship to be imposed on Liberians who have been challenged due to the CDC bad governance structure being put in place.

During the zoom video chat, Costa called on all COP supporters to turn out on that day which has not been specified, and further noted that this time he won’t be in the country, but urged all his supporters to show up in their numbers.

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