Health Minister Commits To Reducing Maternal Mortality

The Minister of Health Wilhelmina Jallah has assured Liberians that under her leadership the Ministry will endeavor to take creative steps in ensuring that the rate of maternal mortality is reduced in the country.

Jallah said the current rate of maternal mortality in the country, which stands at over 1,078 deaths per 100,000 live births on an annual basis, is very alarming and as such more work needs to be done to reduce the numbers.

Minister Jallah, who spoke on a local radio in Monrovia recently, said the Ministry of Health along with other ministries and agencies and international partners is working hard to ensure that the rate of maternal mortality is significantly reduced by 2022 as per the World Health Organization mandate.

She named agriculture as one of the key components or medium through which maternal mortality can be combated because, according to her, mothers must be well fed so that they can be healthy during their antenatal period and the period of their delivery.

The Health Minister lauded the Ministry of Public Works for its efforts in ensuring that roads across the country are constructed, adding that road condition in the country has been a major concern of the MOH.

“Without roads, pregnant women will be unable to have access to health facilities,” she added.


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