‘He stabbed my daughter with a green knife’ deceased’s mother link defendant in alleged murder

By Comfort M. Johnson

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(LINA) – My daughter was stabbed with a green knife. The Mother of an eighteen years old girl who was lying in a pool of blood around the LPRC last year, linked the defendant in the alleged killing of her daughter.

He stabbed my daughter with a green knife, after sending for her, to come and meet him The Deceased mother Maima Sackie stated in her testimony at Criminal Court “A”

She further stated that she knew defendant Valington B. Kaiser, who always use to come at my house to visit my daughter, and that the both of them were lovers she stated.

She further that it was on May 15, 2022 about 3pm to 4pm , I have just come from church and they came before me, my daughter was in hurried when I asked her where she was going, she said defendant Valington Kaiser  AKA Bishop called me to carry his phone that he left with her, since she left I didn’t see her until late evening hour, when the defendant call to asked whether my daughter had reach after he finish killing her, the mother of the deceased pointed out.

According to the mother, after the defendant call her asking her if her daughter had returned home, she got worry and started calling her phone, it was just ranging until the next day, when we heard that there is a body lying in a kitchen around the LPRC fence she noted.

Defendant Valington Kaiser is currently ongoing trial at the Criminal Court “A” for murdering his girlfriend early last year May 2022 in the LPRC community.

On May 16, at 6:30 pm, the lifeless body of the victim, Fatu Blasuah, a resident of Chicken Soup Factory Gulf Community, was discovered with several stabbing wounds on her body in the Old LPRC Compound, which now houses several factories including a biscuit factory complex and a steel-making factory.

During a police preliminary investigation, a silver knife with a green handle was discovered on the scene. The police probe also further identified suspect Valington Kaiser in a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) recording of the scene where the victim was discovered dead on the day of the incident, contrary to his account that he placed the victim on a motorbike for her to leave for home.

Information also has it that Fatu and suspect Valington were in a dating relationship prior to her death.

Family sources said Fatu had gone to her fiancé’s residence prior to her death. A man who identified himself as a relative but did not disclose his name said, “She was carrying her boyfriend’s phone at his home in the shoe factory community after which she didn’t return home.”

Meanwhile trial continues tomorrow with more witnesses testifying in said case.

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