Harper Port Manager Embarks On Reconditioning Of Roads

From E. Varney Kamah | GNN Correspondent | Maryland County

In an effort to drastically reduce the deplorable condition of roads in various communities, the Harper Seaport Management has vigorously embarked on the rehabilitation of communities in Harper City, Maryland County.

According to our Correspondent in the County quoting the Manager of the Port, William W. Wallace, this initiatives is the management own way of coming to the aide of the residents of the City in rehabilitating damaged community roads, including Lake Shepherd and the Stadium Road Communities.

The two communities’ roads got damaged barely due to the heavy down pull of rain in the County, which has made many residents to be hit by motorbikes accidents as a result of the deplorable condition of those roads while traveling to various locations.

Speaking to reporters on the issue of bad roads condition in the City of Harper recently, Mr. Wallace said this exercise is a self-help initiative on the part of his management, making specific reference of how motorbikes accidents have drastically increased as a result of the deplorable condition of many of the roads in the City.

Mr. Wallace noting further disclosed that these bad roads condition in the City has disturbed him as an individual residing in the Stadium Road Community, adding, “I usually feel bad to witness kids in their uniforms to school falling off their bikes in the mud. It is worrisome”, Mr.  Wallace said.

Meanwhile, The Sea Port Manager disclosed that though the rehabilitations of all of the Communities roads in Harper may be cost intensive, seeing the Economic hardship engulfed by the government, but it is another way of buttressing the efforts of the government in reconditioning these major ones.

“Let me appreciate the youths of Lake Shepherd community for joining hands with me to recondition the road, as you can see now, I am working with the youths and this is one of the thing I love during the best because I am a young man. I know they will continue to join hands with me in the district for us to do  to more in the future”,  he stressed.

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