Gunmen Reportedly Attack Pastor In Ganta, Several Wounded

From Musa Moore Sherman | | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County |

The General Overseer of the Christ United Heart For Soul Ministry which is located on Guinea road in Ganta City, Bishop Fred Suah is alleging that he and his workers were attacked by some group of armed men believed to be citizens of Gbei-Seila Town over what he called over used of power on land matter involving him and the people of that area.

Gbei-Seila is just few minutes’ drive away from the commercial city of Ganta along the Sanniquellie high/way, according to Bishop Fred Suah he and his men were attacked on Wednesday, July 1 this year by men carrying various deadly weapons including single barrels, cutlasses, steel rods among others.

He alleged that he and some guys who have gone to construct his church building were “unmercifully brutalized” by the armed men under the command of Mr Stephen Gbankor and another only identified as Zorblay and Ganta United Methodist High School principal, Zarwolo Z. Zuagele.

The man of God including victims of the brutality by those arm men at the same time pointed accusing fingers at Criminal Court “C” judge, Yarmie Quiqui Gbeisay, of masterminding the Brutality meted against them.

According to Fred Johnson, while sitting at their church, they saw the group of men moving towards them with those deadly weapons.

He added that immediately, the men began shooting at them when they tried inquiring about their mission to the church compound.

Upon arrival, the gunmen laid seizes of his workers demanding them to make him (Fred Suah) available.

The men, some of whom could not easily be identified due to their out-fits badly treated the workers for failing to make available the bishop.

Police in Ganta we’re contacted but could not contain the men because of their sophistication in weapons .

“I invited the police and the came on the ground, but because they don’t have gun so they went back to call for reinforcement”, the bishop noted.

However, the situation later came under control with the involvement of other security personnel.

The man of God’s name has always surfaced in many land dispute cases in Nimba, especially Ganta including the one linking him and the Donzo’s family that have lasted for many years tail now.

Reportedly, it alleged that he is in another land conflict with the people of Gbei-Seila Town and the Ganta United Methodist Family for which he has allegedly come under attack.

Meanwhile, the case has been registered with the Ganta Police Station.

But in reaction to Bishop Suah allegation, Judge Yarmie Quiqui Gbeisay described him as a “Common Criminal” who belongs to jail without addressing the matter.

Judge Gbeisay further branded Bishop Suah as a “Land thief” that is notoriously known by almost every resident of Ganta for his dubious land engagements in the City.

He claimed that he is being attacked by bishop Suah simply because of his name “Gbeisay”.

The Judge then challenged him to present an evidence that he ( Gbeisay) spoke with anyone instructing them to beat on them as they claims.

He admitted being aware of land dispute case between citizens of Gbei-Seila and the Bishop, but denied ordering their flogging.

Judge Gbeisay promised to stand by his citizens through legal means to prevent the man of God from succeeding in the case grabbing match against them.

“The only thing I want to tell the people of Gbei-Seila is to remain peaceful, they should not engage in violence, but I will use every power or legal means to make sure he does not claim the land. Even if he builds house on it we will use legal means to remove it”, Judge Gbeisay asserted.

Currently, Bishop Fred Suah and his church members large corn and peanut farm is being allegedly cut down by the the armed men through the support to Judge Gbeisay.

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