Gunman receives life sentence for killing 10 Black people in New York’s Buffalo   

WASHINGTON – The shooter who killed 10 Black people in a racially-motivated shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison.

“I cannot express how much I regret all the decisions I made leading up to my actions on May 14,” said Payton Gendron at his sentencing hearing for the attack at a Tops grocery store.

“I did a terrible thing that day. I shot and killed people because they were Black,” Gendron said as quoted by CNN.

Gendron pleaded guilty in November to state murder and domestic terrorism charges.

“There is no place for you or your ignorant, hateful and evil ideologies in a civilized society,” Erie County Court Judge Susan Eagan said while handing him the sentence.

Gendron allegedly planned the attack for months and selected the grocery store because it was in an area with the highest concentration of Black residents near his home.

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