GSA Expresses Concern Over Alleged Refusal To Turnover of Gov’t Vehicles…

By Joe Ks Fineboy |

Head of the Current Management Team of the General Services Agency, GSA has expressed concern that since the pronouncement of the President Joseph Boakai for outgoing government officials to turn over government properties in their possession, they are yet to see action of compliance from these outgoing officials.

Speaking in an exclusive with GNN-Liberia, the Human Resource Director, said since the Pronouncement was made by the Liberian Leader, that a committee was going to be constituted to ensure that these officials properly turn over vehicles and other properties belonging to government, GSA is yet to see said committee, but expressed that in the wake of awaiting the committee, they are receiving intelligent that the some individuals are planning to take illegally take possession of  vehicles assigned to them by government.

According to Boimah Sonnie, since the turnover of all government properties was pronounced, his office has been doing everything in it own strength to go after institutions and outgoing officials vehicles for the save return of the property but the institution is face with logistic problem that is hampering their operations.

He added that despite delay in constituting the committee, but he thinks as it the responsibility of GSA, they should start working in retrieving government vehicles and other properties that belong to the government. The GSA Human Resource Director pointed that, the prolonged constituting of said committee may give room to outgoing individuals to take illegal possession of vehicles and other properties that belong to government. Adding that through their community engagement via their intelligence, government vehicles are sometime seeing parking in some corner, for a period of time and thereafter, it will be remove to another unknown destination.

Sonnie assorted that if nothing is done soon to get these vehicles be turnover, it might lead government into extract spending on the purchasing of vehicles for replacement of missing or confiscated vehicles.

Giving a practical narrative, Sonnie cited that after the President Pronouncement of the return of vehicles by ex-officials, he immediately started connecting some of his HR colleagues to speak to their bosses for the turnover of the these vehicles, but said over one hundred fifty government Ministries and agencies, only forty of his colleagues were responsive in talking with their bosses in reminder for the turnover of government.

Sonnie further said since then, only the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, through it newly appointed Minister has sent him a written communication alerting him on vehicles return and those yet to be return.

The GSA HR used the medium to called on the Liberian Leader to fast track the constituting of the government assets retrieve committee to begin a robust operation in go after individuals or institutions that will not want to comply in turning over government assets themselves; noting that the head of states should be cognizant that in setting the assets retrieve committee, the GSA is key in such a committee, considering its constitutional responsibility.

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