Group Condemn Detractors Of LDEA New Boss, Col. Abraham Kromah – Issues Statement

The Citizens United Against Drugs and Substance Abuse refutes the “miskin propaganda” coined against a prominent Liberian citizen and certified security expert Col Abe Kromah; and further terms those allegations as baseless, distasteful and utterly shameful on the part of those punks.

We are very cognizant of their devilish intent to soil the high earned security credentials of former Deputy Inspector General for Operations of the Liberia National Police and an accomplished security luminary. We want to inform the public that such allegations are considered sinister, compromised and insincere and doesn’t warrant public attention or credibility.

Those who were globally placed on dangerous billboard for crimes against Human Rights and the state few weeks ago cannot blow the trumpet of morality today. This mindset is interiorly tommyrot and blathered to the highest wavelength.

Fellow citizens, this is empirically shameful and disgraceful on the part of a nefarious group of jerks who entirely deposit their lives in defense of malicious and subversive actions in our democratic space. And so, we say to you, these customized attacks are pitiful, embarrassing and globally belittling as a former ruling party youth league.

Col. Abe Kromah is a qualified Liberian security expert, he has served our country with due diligent, commitment, patriotism and humility. He holds multiple of academic credentials in police administration and security intelligence control.

During his service as Deputy Police Director for Operations, he strengthens reckless plying of vehicles and moving objects across the country and enforced the low level of drugs consumption, crime rate and among others. With this, we have explicit trust and confidence that he would deliver with dedicated upright mind, and professional characteristics.

In essence, the random propaganda from the minion in Mohammed Bamba who served as administrative assistant and Dept. Secretary for Records and Research of the RNYL-CDC in the office of the global dark mafia (Jefferson Koijee) is not sufficient enough to scape the confirmation of Col. Abe Kromah and we advice that he improves his strategies in a better fraction for the better of his drowning demagogue.

Consequentially, CUADSA is calling on the Honorable Senate Committee on Security, Defense and Intelligence to dutifully confirm the dedicated public servant Col. Abe Kromah without any attention given to the malicious allegation from the former ruling party.

The Liberian people have unopposed confidence, trust and credibility in the prowess of the nominee Col Abe Kromah and very certain that he would deliver as required. Citizens United against Drugs and Substance Abuse also commends the wisdom of H.E. President Joseph N. Boakai for the confidence repose in col. Abe Kromah to serve the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency in the fight to combat illicit drugs trafficking and usage across our country.

CUADSA in a statement and signed Sekou Madagbeh Bility its Spokesperson noted.

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