Grand Gedeh Joins Maryland County To Boycott Independence Day Celebration

The missing NEC staff Alfred Dunner

Barely nearly a week after authorities of Maryland County announced that it is boycotting this year’s July 26 Independence Day Celebration, the Legislative Caucus of Grand Gedeh County has announced that it is boycotting this year’s official Independence Day ceremony due to the mysterious disappearance of National Elections Commission staff Alfred Dunner

Mr. Dunor, had been employed by the National Elections Commission local office in Grand Gedeh, before being reported missing with no trace of his whereabouts.

Reading a statement Sunday on behalf of the Grand Gedeh legislative Caucus, Representative Erol Maddison Gwion, said the latest position is intended to seek national and International attention to the mysterious disappearance of NEC local staff.

He stated the Caucus cannot afford to form part of the Independence Day celebration when the people of Grand Gedeh County are in total sadness.

Representative Gwion added that the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus is opting for unspecified actions in pursuit of the NEC Local Staff in Grand Gedeh.

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