LIBERIA: Gov’t Properties Are Managed ‘Carelessly’, As MoCI Vehicle Abandoned For Months

Liberians are raising eyebrows about the misused of government properties in the hands of individuals entrusted with these properties including vehicles, playing what is known here in Liberia as ‘Don’t care’ attitude, as these assets  of the government remains in ruins, while some are sold secretly at the detriment of donors and taxpayers.

The latest is a Ministry of Commerce and Industry vehicle donated by partners is being abandoned in the suburb of Paynesville, specifically in the Cowfield, Duport Road  area for nearly two months, while other government vehicles that are abandoned to unknown areas are secretly sold making the government to lost lots of revenue, with donors questioning its management know-how.

This vehicle, is just one of those properties of the Liberian government donated by partners, that are usually abandoned on the highway or in secret locations by individuals who are entrusted with them, this attitude on the part of many must be discouraged by agencies and ministries that are the custodians of said properties.

Some of these assigned vehicles in most cases are used to haul coal and other private and individual operations, a situation that are sometimes compelled the government to undergo extra expenses for repair and other care for the upkeep of these vehicles.

For this vehicle with photo posted here is owned by the Ministry of commerce, we will like to call on all agencies and ministries, particularly the General Service Agency (GSA) which is clothe with the responsibility to manage and  monitor all assets of the government  to be robust in  putting into place a mechanism to making sure that government properties are not mismanaged by those individuals who they are assigned to.

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