Gov’t Hired Liberian Pathologists Neutrality Questioned, As Deceased Families Abandoned First Autopsy

Albert Peters and Gifty Lama

Liberians who spoke to a local radio station have publicly condemned the decision reached by the Liberian government to hired Liberian pathologists instead of foreign pathologists who will help to erase the notion that the Liberian government is involved in the alleged brutal murder of Albert Peters, Gifty Asmah Lama and George Fahnboto all of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and boss of the Internal Audit Agency (IAA), Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua.

According to report, the first autopsy was reportedly done yesterday on the bodies of the remains of both Albert Peters and Gifty Asmah Lama allegedly without the presence of both families, who report say are questioning the neutrality of the Liberian government hired Liberian pathologists.

While autopsy on the remains of the bodies of George Fahnboto of the LRA and Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua of the IAA are expected to be performed today, according to report, as public took the airwaves today expressing their rejection on the hiring of two Liberian pathologists instead of a foreign owned and reputable pathologist to perform such task in order to bring credibility to the process.

Some callers on a local radio station, said they are taken aback of the hiring of Liberian pathologists by the Liberian government, when in fact the government itself is allegedly been accused of been behind the alleged killing of Albert Peters and Gifty Asmah Lama both of the LRA for allegedly carrying out an audit against the alleged will of the families.

Following the death of Peters and Lama, the Liberian leader speaking at a local Church said early this month, “It is sad to know that our country, a religious country like Liberia you wake up and you see they killed people in car. What is that? We need to stop. No matter what happened, we cannot take a life. The greatest thing is life and the only one who supposed to take that is God. You know how I felt to wake up in the morning after my birthday and two people in the car to Cathedral Church died? Why-we don’t know; if that was a boyfriend or girlfriend issue, that doesn’t allow you to kill somebody because you don’t know where you will end up”, the Liberian leader told a local Church gathering.

For some callers said they do not have confidence in the hired pathologists by the Liberian government, worrying that their neutrality will be questioned even if they announced the facts surrounding the autopsy on the remains of the dead.

Appearing on a local radio station, SKY FM 50-50, yesterday, October 19, 2020, the husband of Gifty A. Lama has spoken out again providing what appeared to be ‘startling revelations’ in relation to her death.

Sylvester Lama said during the night of October 1, 2020, while in search of his wife, his sister-in-law after countless attempts by him, called his wife phone using private and a gentleman answered but he mistakenly left the phone on, as his sister-in-law and other family members were monitoring.

Lama said the guy immediately knocked at a door and someone in asked who’s that? And he responded by saying “da me Supreme.”

According to him, the guy still had the phone on as he entered, with lots of noise in the background, saying “let’s do it so; let’s do it that way…”

Later, he said when the guy noticed that the phone was still on, he immediately switched it off.

Lama said still eager to speak with Gifty, his sister-in-law kept calling, but the guy will ok it and cut the phone off.

After calling persistently, the guy answered and said “you will see your sister tomorrow in the car.”

He said they decided to send text messages on Gifty’s phone but the same guy will reply, saying “you will see her tomorrow in the car.”

Based on this, Lama said at about 3:30am, he chartered a taxi to search for her since the guy said she will be seen in a car in the morning.

According to him, he and other family members drove all around town, Sinkor, Lakpazee, and other communities in search for Gifty, but they did not see her.

Lama said the very place where Gifty and Albert Peters’ bodies were found in the car on Broad Street; they passed there and never saw any car there.

Later, Lama said he called Police Spokesman Moses Carter to explain the situation to him but he was told to keep searching.

By 6:am, Lama said Carter called and told him that the police have discovered two bodies in a car on Broad Street, with one of the bodies being a female.

“When we got on the scene, we met LRA Commissioner General Thomas Doe Nah there; we also met St. Moses there. Interestingly, I was denied the opportunity to see my wife. My father-in-law was also denied from seeing his daughter…,” he said.

Also, Lama said when Peters’ car was searched; he noticed his wife’s shoe was socked with beach sand.

Lama: “I ask the police what sand doing on my wife shoe? But they told me that when they took the bodies to JFK Hospital, it was difficult to remove them from the car; so those who came to help stepped on her shoe; that’s why sand was on her shoe; but I told them that JFK has concrete all over, so where the sand came from? It is not possible.”

He claimed that his wife and Peters were killed, rejecting speculations that they were lovers.

“I know my wife well. I can put my life on the line for my wife. I can also put my life on the line for Mr. Peters, too; they were not loving. Mr. Peters is like a father to my wife and I…these are people with high integrity….,” he maintained

Lama also rejected rumors that he and his wife were on separation. He said based on her new promotion as Manager for Tax Services, he and wife agreed that she spends week days in West Point in order to get to job on time and then goes home in Brewerville during weekends.

It can be recalled that the bodies of Albert and Gifty were found in Albert’s parked vehicle on Broad Street on the morning of Friday, October 2, 2020, after both of them did not return to their respective homes Thursday evening.

Since then, both families of the deceased have been calling for independent autopsy to determine the cause of their death, rejecting that they might have died from suffocation in the car.

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