“God has blessed me with the Resources, I cannot compromise”, Dr. Cassell Declares

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, political leader of the PLP

The political of leader of Liberia’s newest opposition political party, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel Cassell has vowed not to compromise the integrity of the Liberian people, noting that his vision for Liberia is to see the lives of Liberians transcend.

Speaking on the OK FM Morning Drive on today, March 22, 2021, Dr. Cassell spoke highly on the equity distribution of the nation’s wealth equally to all Liberians and not oneself, stressing, “Liberia has all the natural recourse, and it must be utilized for the benefit of Liberians; the illiteracy should be reduced, I am prepared to tackle all of these”, Dr. Cassell bragged.

On the future of the PLP, Dr. Cassell also said, “We are open to holding discussions with others, especially those with light-minded people who share similar opinions like our political party; who will be in the interest of the :Liberian people”, the PLP political leader speaking further said.

On the issue of collaborating with other political parties, Dr. Cassell said his party will carefully observe whatever comes their way like playing a second party role, adding, “I am willing to take a second place; I will not work with anyone who has no idea of  good governance; we going to evaluate whatever come our way for coalition”.

“We have lots of political actors who believes in playing game, we will have to be careful, those who may put forward such suggestion, we will have to carefully evaluate them before taken decision”.

He disagreed with people who feel that being a newest political actor, he chances for governance will be to the contrary, but noted that he has made up his mind to bring about changes in the lives of the Liberian people, and nothing can stall his quest.

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