GoBet231 Attracts More Customers

GoBet231, a sports betting company owned by Palm Spring gaming is said to be attracting many customers in recent times. In many street corners and its offices, scores of customers  are seen carrying on betting at their premises.

In Liberia, there are  three  sport betting companies; GoBet231,Winners and Doxxbet. GoBet231 is the latest company  to enter  the market.  Many young people whom this paper spoke to over the weekend said, the coming of GoBet231 into the market has balance the game. More so, it has been able to afford  players  the opportunity to decide which choice to make.

“To be honest, GoBet231 is much better to me. I see that the amount   you pay to bet is good, the level of customers service is good and they are accurate. More so,  there is no delay in giving your cash when you win,” Alexander  Smith,  a regular player said.

He added, “I think   GoBet231 is really good. Many people are beginning to love it and play it. Imagine  the game has been here for less than two  months and many people are moving towards it.”

A visit to many places in town where sports betting games are played, it was realized that many of them are eager to see GoBet231 start full swing business.

“My brother, many of us love GoBet231. Out of ten persons you ask, about eight of  them will say something positive about it,” Stanley Ramsford said.

Asked if the company is going through financial crisis, he laughed. “Who told you GoBet231 get money problem?  They are all lies. The company has people on probation for three months as is the  procedure in Liberia when people are working for any new company.”

“Look, our economy is not good. Many companies here owed their employees over six months. Even our government owes people close to one year. Gobet231 doesn’t owe any salaries.

When contacted the management of GoBet231, a senior manager denied owing its employees. “We are strong financially. In fact, we are currently working with our partners to ensure that we  become bigger than what we are now. Very soon, we will become a household name in the country.” This company is global.

“At present, our records  show that there are more customers now than ever. It means, we are gradually penetrating the market. We are doing it professionally and strategically.”

GoBet231 has strong relations with Novamatic, Amatic  and Playtech-BGT. According  to  the  website of the three companies, their  annual turnover hovers around US$20bln.

National Lottery Authority(NLA), the agency responsible to issue license and regular the industry said it is not aware of any financial issues with GoBet231. “If any sports betting company is facing financial problems, we will know from the customers. They will be the first to tell us and their employees. But no one  has told us anything of that sort. We have done our due diligence both in Liberia and outside and gobet231 is very financially  strong.

Many Liberians said they see that GoBet231 seems to be attracting many customers based on  the level of people seen in  street corners and at their centers betting by the day. No one could give  the exact percentage of its penetration.

The objective is to take from  the market   umbrella gambling  which has not been conforming  by the law, an official from GoBet231  said.

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