GNN Rubbishes Justice Forum Allegation, As Civil Society Group Expresses Support

Maxson Kpakio founder of Justice Forum Liberia

Following ‘False Alarm’ by a group calling itself Justice Forum Liberia that recent Award bestowed on Liberia’s Foreign Minister of Liberia, Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah by the Global News Network Incorporated as Minister of the Year – 2021 during its annual award program, the GNN management has strongly condemned the group, and further justified why the Foreign Minister was awardee.

Addressing journalists at a news conference in Monrovia early this week, the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of GNN-Liberia, Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks categorically rubbished the statement made by Maxson Kpakio who claimed to be the founder of Justice Forum Liberia, who is demanding that GNN-Liberia withdraw its credible Award bestowed on the Minister of Foreign Affairs for his alleged sex scandal.

Mr. Brooks in a rather disappointing state, said, Kpakio and his organization were around when Dee Maxwell Kemayah was confirmed by the Senate amidst the much talked about sex scandal, why they did not raise the alarm, to call on the Senate not to confirm him, lest we forget, the Minister was honored by our institution due to the level of reform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Morris Swen, Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia

“We are seriously and disappointedly taken aback on the statement made by Kpakio without investigating on how our annual Award is giving out to our respected honorees; as a professional and credible institution, the GNN which was established nearly two decades ago has always followed the principle of credibility,” Mr. Brooks told journalists.

He noted that every annual Award program is always guided with a vetting committee which is clothed with the responsibility to release listing through nominations from the general public, and thereafter shortlist those who have met the criteria of the committee including the justification that warrant their inclusion al to be awarded any honor.

“These channels were followed by our vetting Committee headed by one of our well respected photo journalists, Mr. Emmanuel Tobey without the input of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Publisher of the Global News Network, Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks; all of our nominees went through the process before being presented our annual award, It is shameful on the part of Kpakio and his group to call on our institution to withdraw an Award that was given to one of its winners, we are not in the business to investigate sex related scandals,” he said.

In related development, the Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia has described the allegation by the  Justice Forum Liberia Founder ‘As ridiculous and irresponsible, recent descending comments from a local Civil Society organization, Justice Forum Liberia, condemning GNN Liberia for bestowing honors on Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kamayah,”

In a statement issued, the Chairman of the group, Morris Swen said, “While we support Civil Society advocacy in Liberia, it is important to note that said advocacy must be done with an open mind that will be void of any semblance of prejudice. It is a known fact that Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kamayah has performed exceptionally well during the year under review and therefore merits the GNN Liberia Honor of Recognition.

The Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia will use this medium to prevail on the conscience of Justice Forum Liberia to refrain from making ruthless comments that has the proclivity of undermining the objectives, vision and core values for which it was established. It is unfortunate for an institution that bears the name “Justice Forum” to allow itself to subscribe to injustice practices. Minister Kamayah was accused but never taken to court to be tried and convicted yet Justice Forum is basing its opinion on such a vague allegation that lacks any iota of truth telling.

The Free Conscious Independent and Objective Thinkers of Liberia wishes to state unequivocally that it supports the honor bestowed on Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kamayah by GNN Liberia. Justice Forum Liberia must not the advocacy space to wrongly impute on the reputation of others to include Foreign Minister D. Maxwell Kamayah. Minister is not guilty of any act of sexual harassment as claimed by Justice Forum Liberia. Advocacy should not and must not be construed as tool for spreading misinformation and blinded agitation.

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